Yuho junnmai-ginjo “Hanasaka Yuho”

遊穂 純米吟醸 “花さかゆうほ”

prepared by : Mioya shuzo Brewery
Alcohol degree : 17%
Sake degree : +6.0
Acidity : 2.0
Used rice : Yamadanishiki + Miyamanishiki
Rice polishing ratio : 55%
Recommended degree : A
Remarks : Ishikawa Prefecture is famous for the appearance of UFOs.This sake seems to have named it from there. In Japan, I will pronounce UFO as “Yuho”.

Cloudy Sake, Microfoaming, Acidity, Fresh, Slightly sweet

# This is a personal impression.


Exquisitely delicious gravy sauce. Meatloaf also fits sake. It is never an American rock star.


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