“Taisho no Tsuru” Junmai, Rice polishing ratio 80

大正の鶴 純米 精米歩合八十 赤磐雄町米

prepared by : Ochi shuzojo Brewery
Alcohol degree : 18%

Sake degree : +6.0
Acidity : 1.8
Used rice : Akaiwa Omachi 100%
Rice polishing ratio : 80%
Recommended degree : B+
Remarks : Unfiltered unpasteurised undiluted sake
You can taste rice ingredients
Because alcohol degree is high, be careful of drinking too much

Astringency, Crisp finish, Slightly sweet,

# This is a personal impression.

Japanese radish,Konjac & Streak meat (Oden style) = Japanese Stew?

Soup is delicious.